Every computer user both desktop and computer connected to the network would have to know the username and password. Username is your identity to enter into a network, including ATM networks. While the password is the key to your username can be identified and can enter the network.

Username and password are very useful and should not be underestimated, because if your username and password known to other people, then all the data and systems that you have can be problematic. Therefore username and password is one of the important facilities in the computerized system. Besides passwords should be updated or updated at any time. For the system to which you have remained safe and comfortable.

The requirement to use a password:

  • Use a password that's at least 8 characters mixed with numbers and uppercase and lowercase letters.
  • Do not show while typing passwords on those around you.
  • Always remember your password.

Passwords are the key words that you have to remember, but there are times when you forgot your password. In this article, I will discuss how to reset the password on Umbraco 7 manually via database.You try to log into Umbraco but it turns out your password is incorrect. Not a problem as long as you have access to the database and filesystem. 

The first thing you should do is open SQL Manager later locate the folder umbracoUser. Umbraco user passwords stored in your database Umbraco in the umbracoUser table, in userPassword column.

In the table, look for your account to be reset, and make a note to Id you want to update. The password will be encrypted for security reasons, and the password will be stored as a hash for security. So we can not just simply typing long passwords in plain text and expect to get the results directly. We need to know the hash code for several common passwords.

userPassword Value :   /7IIcyNxAts3fvQYe2PI3d19cDU=
Password :             password
userPassword Value :   d9xnUXsUah9gycu7D0TpRYcx19c=
Password :             admin
userPassword Value :   bnWxWyFdCueCcKrqniYK9iAS+7E=
Password :             default

But Umbraco using hashing simple with just a few lines of code. You can generate your hashed password and put it in the user table Password column in umbracoUser table for your user account.

  1. string password = "mypassword";  
  2. HMACSHA1 hash = new HMACSHA1();  
  3. hash.Key = Encoding.Unicode.GetBytes(password);  
  4. string encodedPassword = Convert.ToBase64String(hash.ComputeHash(Encoding.Unicode.GetBytes(password))); 

You just use the generated hash the password and then update records in the table. After that you can log back into Umbraco with your new password.

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