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DotNetNuke 7.4 Hosting - HostForLIFE.eu :: How To Install DotNetNuke 7 on your PC?

clock March 31, 2016 20:01 by author Anthony

DotNetNuke is a web application framework that is open source using VB.NET language. Application of CMS can be expanded through the use of modules and skins so this application is used to create, deploy, and set up intranets, extranets and websites. DotNetNuke Professional Edition include the addition of security, stability, and support of products and applications warranty, and is available in a cheaper price than other applications.

Free ASP.NET Hosting - Europe

Moreover DotNetNuke is very easy to install on your PC. So the discussion this time. I will discuss how to install DotNetNuke on your PC. In general, DotNetNuke installation process does not take more than 15 minutes. But if you encounter an error, please check the back, make sure you have meet the minumum requirements for hardware and software you have to install DotNetNuke.

How To Install DotNetNuke 7 on your PC?

  • Create a folder on a Web server where DotNetNuke will be executed. For example, in this manual use the folder C: \ DotNetNuke, however, you can choose the location and name of the other. Set permission on this folder so that IIS uses the account "Full Control".

If IIS has not got the permissions "Full Control", right click on the root folder. Click "Sharing and Security" followed by the Security tab. If the Security tab does not exist, you have to "turn off" file sharing simply by choosing Tools> Folder Options, and then click the View tab. Uncheck the option "Use simple file sharing" and click OK. You can now right-click the root folder and access the Security tab

On the Security tab, tick-related accounts that have permissions "Full Control" to this folder (Windows XP using the account ASPNET and other editions of Windows using the account NETWORK SERVICE).

  • If you are using SQL Server, it is necessary to configure the DotNetNuke order to access the database. To do this open the file C: \ DotNetNuke \ web.config using Notepad application.

 Note : If you use the SQL Express configuration, there is no need for additional configuration INSTALL package is configured to use SQL Express by default.

  • Remove the following line at the connectionStrings:
    <Add name = "SiteSqlServer" connectionString = "Data Source =. \ SQLExpress; AttachDBFilename = | DataDirectory | Database.mdf; Integrated Security = True; User Instance = True" providerName = "System.Data.SqlClient" />
  • Delete this line in the appSettings:
    <Add key = "SiteSqlServer" value = "Data Source" =. \ SQLExpress; AttachDBFilename = | DataDirectory | Database.mdf; Integrated Security = True; User Instance = True "/>
  • Delete and edit the following line in the connectionStrings section to match the host name Database server and access your identity:
    <Add name = "SiteSqlServer" connectionString = "Server = (local); Database = DotNetNuke; uid =; pwd =;" providerName = "System.Data.SqlClient" />
  • Delete and edit the following line in the appSettings section to match the host name Database server and access your identity:
    <Add key = "SiteSqlServer" value = "Server = (local); Database = DotNetNuke; uid =; pwd =;" />
  • Save and close the web.config file. You can also store backup files with names web.config.bak as a precaution when the installation process fails and you need to start over.
  • Open the IIS Management Console application Start> Control Panel> Administrative Tools and expand Default Web Site. Create a new Virtual Directory named DotNetNuke then navigate to the folder C:\DotNetNuke. You can choose another name for the Virtual Directory liking (if you do, it needs to be adjusted on the instruction "DotNetNuke Wizard")

HostForLIFE.eu DotNetNuke 7.4 Hosting
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DotNetnuke 7.3.4 Hosting - HostForLIFE.eu :: How to Fix DotNetNuke Redirect Loop and 404 Not Found Error ?

clock January 13, 2015 05:40 by author Peter

This problem happens especially in the latest versions of DotNetNuke (7.0 or later). It is shortly represented like this: when you install DotNetNuke and everything appearance fine. You log in to your system using your host account and so your homepage keeps refreshing indefinitely. you'll not get rid of that “Getting Started” pop-up. after you manually instert the url of different pages in your web browser url bar (like yoursite.com/contact.aspx), you get a 404 not found error.

To solve this problem, apply the steps below:
1. Find the folder within which your DotNetNuke web site is installed and find your web.config file there and open it (normally, i open it with a development application like Visual Studio or notepad++ for better undestanding however classic Notepad can do fine, too).

2. On the web.config file, you should find the <system.webserver> tag.

3. On this tag, find <modules> tag. And update this tag:
<modules runAllManagedModulesForAllRequests=”true”>

4. Then, Save your web.config file. Close your browser, open it again and open your website. Log in with your host or admin account. You will see that the problem is fixed.

Obviously there may be different components which cause this issue yet i have made bunches of DNN establishments and i've generally figured out how to settle this issue by applying the steps above.

Note: If you have done all the steps and still get a 404 error, than check your default documents in IIS and see if there is default.aspx in there. If not, add it.

Best DotNetNuke 7.3.4 Hosting with HostForLIFE.eu

clock December 23, 2014 07:52 by author Peter

European leading web hosting provider, HostForLIFE.eu announced support for DotNetNuke 7.3.4 hosting plan due to high demand of DotNetNuke CMS users in Europe.

HostForLIFE.eu proudly launches the support of DotNetNuke 7.3.4 on all our newest Windows Server  environment. HostForLIFE.eu DotNetNuke 7.3.4 Hosting plan starts from just as low as €3.00/month only and this plan has supported ASP.NET 5, ASP.NET MVC 5/6 and SQL Server 2012/2014.

DotNetNuke 7.3.4, as well known in the web industry and familiar among .NET developers, is a Web Content Management System (WCMS) based on Microsoft .NET platform. It is an excellent open source software that you can use to manage your website without having much technical knowledge.

HostForLIFE.eu clients are specialized in providing supports for DotNetNuke for many years. We are glad to provide support for European DotNetNuke 7.3.4 hosting users with advices and troubleshooting for our clients website when necessary.

DNN 7.3.4 is a smaller maintenance release than normal and is focused on addressing the most serious platform issues. DNN 7.3.4 addresses a number of platform issues and should be the last release before DNN 7.4.0. DNN 7.3.4 added ability to save localized lists to resource file, added method to remove all subscriptions from a ContentItem, fixed issue where AUM was not correctly handling 301 redirects, Fixed issue where popup iframe is not initialized correctly and fixed issue where multiple region/country controls in a profile did not work correctly.

DotNetNuke 7.3.4 will be a great content management system that support many advance website features such as blogs, forums, e-commerce system, photo galleries and more. DotNetNuke 7.3.4 is a great platform to build your web presence with. HostForLIFE.eu can help customize any web software that company wishes to utilize.

Further information and the full range of features DotNetNuke 7.3.4 Hosting can be viewed here http://www.hostforlife.eu/European-DotNetNuke-734-Hosting

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About HostForLIFE.eu

HostForLIFE.eu is European Windows Hosting Provider which focuses on Windows Platform only. We deliver on-demand hosting solutions including Shared hosting, Reseller Hosting, Cloud Hosting, Dedicated Servers, and IT as a Service for companies of all sizes.

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