This tutorial will discuss how to create a new Page and Post on wordpress. Wherein the Post and Page this is the most will often be used when the website was built and after the website goes online, since Page and Post is the place where we put the information we want to upload on our website. If the website is used to blogging as well as for a news portal, then the Post will very often be used to post the latest posts.

WordPress was born out of a desire, wordpress initially ber personal publishing system architecture is elegantly built in PHP and MySQL and licensed under the GPL. WordPress is the official successor of b2 / cafelog. WordPress is a modern software for creating web, but wordpress developed back in 2001. It is a mature and stable. WordPress senidir wish to focus on user experience and web standards different tool with other existing web tool diluaran there. And now total 49% of websites worldwide are built with WordPress.

Here are the steps in the manufacture of a new Post and Page:

Click the sidebar menu on the dashboard pages, and then click add new as the picture below:

Membuat page baru

Bulk Action is used to remove or edit a page or post simultaneously by way of checking the page and posts would be deleted or edited. if you want to edit one by one simply by mensorot title of Page and Post will display the edit menu, trash and quick edit.

The next step to create a new Page after we click the button Add New.

Title is filled with About. Columns underneath used to fill what would we write and we publish. and if you want to insert a picture in the post-click Add Media and select the image you want to paste in your articles.

Featured Image: used to upload thumbnail images in posts

Immediately Publish: used to schedule our posts when the time to dipublis to our website.

Next make Post, essentially making the Post as well as make Page, for the menu to be clicked namely Posts and Add New, cuman difference in Post with Page that is located on the Categories and Tags, for writing Tag adjust to the discussion of the article already you write, in my example menulisakan CMS and WordPress, because my writing related to the topic, and the writing on the tag must be separated by commas. as shown below.


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